shoyu しょうゆ

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This is a soy sauce with a mild flavor,
lovingly cultivated while playing music to the fermenting mash.
Yamataka Shoyu (high grade/dark)1l Bottle/Paper carton300ml Paper cartonYamataka Shoyu (light)500ml Bottle/Paper carton300ml Paper carton


With Yamataka's authentically-brewed
soy sauce as a base, we blend in Tosa bonito,
Hokkaido kelp, shiitake mushrooms
specially produced in Kihoku,
and other specially selected ingredients
with a mirin (sweet cooking rice wine)
flavor to give it a mild taste.

1l Bottle1l Paper carton500ml Bottle300ml Paper carton

TSUYU めんつゆ

A shoyu and honey flavored
vinegar drink with no additives
for daily energy.

500ml Bottle300ml Paper carton


An introduction to SHOYU

Soy sauce is a liquid flavoring which is produced through
fermentation of soy beans, wheat, and salt using brewage techniques.
This flavoring is a fundamental part of Japanese food culture, used as a seasoning
for stewed or boiled dishes in Japanese cuisine as well as for tempura,
edomae sushi, soba noodles, etc.
It is currently used as an all-purpose flavoring all over the world.
At Takata Shoten, we continue to create traditional
deeply flavored soy sauce using production
methods and raw materials passed down over the ages.